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  1. Accha hua mains ki tarah nahi ki koi doubt lage question mai to "chalenge answer key " bolke baccho ke paise lutlo or fir number bhi na do

  2. Sir I have a request .
    I am an JEE 2019 aspirant. Could you please make an video which tells us how to prepare (though I have been preparing from past year) for the exam which is going to be held next year?
    A video which tells us how to divide time for each subjects since we have only 1 year left? Sir ,that will really help a lot. Regards

  3. Its not a fair decision.As it was clearly mentioned in bold letters write answer rounded off to second decimal place , moreover they have given example of 7.00 as well…!! I followed their instructions and did it so..even for some question i went for 3 digit so that i could write correct answer upto 2 decimal places…what is my fault??? moreover we had to enter by mouse it also took time …now i think i wasted 15 min .

  4. Guys please pass on this message :
    Honorable sir,
    I feel that the problem regarding the decimal places is not handled in the way it should have been .

    In the past, there have been instances where IIT has been very particular about the instructions . for example , when the question says 'constant force' , it implies constant both in direction and magnitude and when it says ' constant magnitude' it implies only constant magnitude . many students made a mistake and did not read the instructions properly . thanks to that , they missed out on this tiny detail of decimal places . IT WAS THEIR FAULT THAT THEY DID NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY . IIT tests the presence of mind , pressure handling , IQ, and various other things , giving these marks would DEMEAN the critical analysis of many aspirants , who were careful enough to notice this and answer accordingly . In my opinion , WHAT YOU DID IS WRONG . Just because a lot of students did this mistake , you are not entitled to change the rules based on that . THANKS TO YOU MANY STUDENTS WILL BE JUDGED IN A WRONG WAY . In Indian society , IIT tag matters a lot , for u it might be just 'another exam' but for us , it means our lives depend on it . please , don't do this . please , I beg of you . You might say that 'the pattern was new' . seriously ? Are you kidding me? IIT is KNOWN TO CHANGE PATTERNS ALL THE TIME , SO WILL U CHANGE THE INSTRUCTION 'WRITTEN IN BOLD' EVERYTIME A MAJORITY OF STUDENTS MESS UP? YOU ARE WRONG. Please don't do this . please .

    – voice of the students judged WRONGLY.

  5. The marking scheme clearly mentioned to round up even perfect integer to .00 precision…those like me who read the instructions carefully should only be benifited…and these iit kanpar retards are violating their own given that is clear onesidedness and height of chutiyapan.

  6. and yeah to the retards who are saying 2 and 2.00 are samething..there were questions where you got answers like 2.646 then why did you not write 2.646 as answer why did you write 2.67..?? instructions ke vajah the same instructions apply to perfect integral answers also..its matter of common sense.

  7. It must not be given in my opinion. Because they have clearly mentioned in the instructions booklet that even the integer value for example 7 must be written as 7.00 only. How can they violate the rules????

  8. Asa todi hota hai, kuyki galthi tho usnai ke hai jisnai instructions saai nahi pada , unahai instructions saai sai padna chahai thai. Matlab jisnai instructions saai nahi pada aur jisnai saai pada un dono ko fayada…… that's not absolutely fair….a bad decision by IIT and also their downfall.


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