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Hello guys, as Jee Mains and NEET is approaching. We are going to discuss some final tips for Jee and NEET aspirants.

Some of the tips are following:

Study 5–8 hours daily(min. 4). Seriously without hard work you can’t get success.
Your studies should be smart. You should not spent much time on topics which are asked very rarely.
Do revision on each sunday. This is the basic funda of all toppers.
Do more and more papers. This will increase your speed and tell you your weak topics.
Join a test series of any coaching like resonance, bansal, Allen, etc.(but not fiitjee). This will increase your confidence.
Before attempting the paper, make your strategy ready. Like with which subject you are going to start and which subject you are going to attempt in last.
Don’t waste much time on a single question during the examination. Try 1-2(max 3) min. ,if you are not getting it then leave the question for last.
If i have left any point or you have any doubt then you can ask me in comments.

Our final Message is:-

*You can do Anything*
Good Luck for exams.
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