Important Tips for UPSC CSE/IAS 2018 aspirants giving their First Attempt by Roman Saini - Videos


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UPSC First Attempt Clear It With Success – Important Tips for aspirants giving their First Attempt by Roman Saini: In this session, Roman Saini shares important tips for UPSC CSE/ IAS Aspirants of 2018 who will be giving their first attempt. This is a perfect beginners guide to UPSC Preparation for becoming an IAS topper as Roman tells you about all the important things that you should know before the exam. He also explains how to complete your IAS preparation 2018 in the best way possible. UPSC 2018 is fast approaching and these tips will prove helpful for UPSC preparation for beginners. Begin your 2018 IAS Preparation on a high note if you would like to become an IAS officer. Must watch for all aspirants.

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  1. Very simple, strong and complete guidance for 1st attempt apsirants.
    And unique clear approach and roadmap for avoiding pitfalls for freshers ,
    Thank you BoSS ? ROMAN SIR ?⛅
    Thanks UNACADEMY


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