Improve Your Exam Speed | SPEED BOOSTER | Maths | SB-1 || Bank Po & Clerk | SSC || - Videos


Speed booster is such a smart video that if you watch it daily for 5 minutes you can increase your marks.
This video will be of three to five minutes and it will be like a mock Test, So when you watch this video keep one pen and paper with you so that you can write the test answers in it , at the end of the answers will be shown.
Write your marks in the comment box.

1.  You have 5 minutes to complete the speed booster.
2.  The test contains a total of 20 questions.
3.  You will be awarded 1 marks for each correct answer.
4.  There is 0.25 negative marks for each wrong answer.
5. Write your marks in the comment box.

|| Best of Luck ||

Please watch: “UNION BUDGET 2017-18 MOST IMPORTANT MCQ || Speed Booster || SB -1 February 2017 ||”



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