Imran Khan – Pakistan’s New Prime Minister – Impact on India analysis - Videos


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  1. I like that you show the EU reports we agreed that its not a level playing field but only for the extremist parties.
    And if you have guts to show the international survey and reports on "Gujrat attack" and who is behind that and Even survey and reports on Kashmir by international media and the extremist who kill Muslims on eating beef where as India is the big exporter of beef tell me you have any answer or a reply ?

  2. You're telling us Pakistan is sending terrorist to kashmir and tell me why 2000 Pakistan I died by the funding by the Indian spy pulbushan yadav ? If you don't own that you're guys are sending terrorist to Baluchistan why would we believe that we are sending terrorist to kashmir?

  3. I don't hate India I'm just saying that every country have their problems like Pakistan have terrorisms or extremism because of which we as a Nation suffer and like India rape and extremism because of which you Guy's suffered but for get the past why we don't take a new start ? And live with peace ? Our PM takes the first step sends the message of friendship now its your turn to take the second..

  4. Tm indians hmesha ka.randi rona hy terrorism terrorism….. hy kia terrorism ye pta hy …. te sb sazishy hy jo.khud tm indians ne hi create ki hui hy smj aai…. core issue kashmir hi hy or khud ko bewaja supremacy show krna band kro koi oqat nai hy tm logo ki aesi jitni khush fehmiyan hy tm logo ko is dhokay se niklo or apne level me rh k bat kroo jis hd tk ho

  5. you are totally wrong I voted here army was there just for security and Imran khan voted Pm by people of Pakistan so u need to stop this propaganda and every time the parties lost elections in Pakistan they say election were not fair it's now new and Nawaz sharif is in jail because of corruption cases Panama Leaks etc so kindly stop lying now.

  6. some things you mentioned are factually incorrect. Imran khan never said that military budget should be increased, so the assumption that military helped him because of that is also wrong. Secondly, you claimed that Nawaz was removed and jailed by the army. Did the army put his name in Panama papers, which showed his billions worth undeclared property and eventually lead to his conviction. Did the military laundered the money for his London flats? At least tell your people the truth, but you are an Indian what else can be expected out of you

  7. ये लोग चुनाव न कराया करें,फर्जी में पैसा उड़ाते हैं,इससे बढ़िया ये वो पैसा भी एसो आराम में उड़ा दें..

  8. Beta tu information de

    Naa ki khangress and paakistan tattu mat ban. Education ke aad mai imran khan ka glorify mat kar

    Tutiye bohot paise milte hai tujhe D gang se education ke aad mai paakistan ko achha bata aur India ko kharab bata

    Aise hi tu Indian yuva ke subconscious mind pe impact daal sake

    Bete aise nahin hone wala hai samjha

    Traitor Paakistani

  9. Nawaz sharif ko Pakistan me koi passand nahi karta . Zyadater log Imran khan ko Support karte hai . Or imran khan ki jeet nazar arahi thi . Per phir bhi bol tahe hai Army lekar ai army ko zarorat hi nahi thi koch karne ki . Nawaz sharif Army ke zariya hi Politics me aya tha . Nawaz sharif ne pore mulk ko barbad kia .


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