India now Sixth Largest Economy – What does it mean? Analysis – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. This is a time where we should focus on making our country a happy one as these news might sway us but we should not get swayed we know the know the ground realities there is much more to be done. this is just the begining.

  3. Koi mujhe answer Dega koi modi birodhi ** Kya 2014 SE phle desh me jobs ki bharmar thi,,,, Kya purane govts ne jitne job deneka kaha Tha utna dediya ,,,Indira ne 80's SE garibi hatao bhok ke a Tak un logone Kya garibi hata Diya ….

  4. Han ji modi job dedenge kese jab sare kutte janta factories k birodh me desh bhar me saalo ladke rahenge ,,, Opposition kutte land acquisition bill rokdeta h aur uske kutte sickularvand chamche uska support aur kahenge job kaha h ,,, Bina factory ka Kya milega ,,Bina jamin k Kya factory lagega ,,, btw Kitne secular vand kutte start up suru kie ,,rojgar Kitne diye bhoko …

  5. Economy is bigger then france… standards too lower then France…..jitna ek indian din bharr ka khana khata hai…..utne paise ka france log biscuits khaa jaatye hai… per capital income too low

  6. The entire note can b sumed up in an optimistic tone i. e. India have achieved much in comparision to her backdrops and in comparision to her past years and thus there is ray of hope that India will become an economically sound country in her coming ages…

  7. This is progress of capitalism actually.that 1% people are INDIA now a days . deficit is on progress.someone is at peaks and someone going toward trenches.
    Why I am caring

  8. India china we both are big nation, big population, fastest growing economy in the world yet china is 13.2 trillon economy india is 2 trillion weeks need to b at least 10 trillion economy china Became the biggest expoter due to manufacturing( made in china ) we need to become expoter as well .. God bless our india we may surpass uk and Germany soon


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