Introduction to Atoms – CBSE 9 - Videos


Atoms are the smallest Fundamental Units of any Substance. But this fact wasn’t known long back. So who was the First to discover this? Was it a Collective effort or was it an individual? Watch this video to know about the history of atoms in detail. To access all videos related to All about Atoms for free, visit our website here:

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  1. I have some problems
    I will be very hapoy if u make a video on difference between
    * elements and atoms
    *Molecules and atoms
    *Compounds and molecules
    Like i have problems like
    Are there any types of atoms ? Or only one and so on
    Plzzzz make a video on it .it wilp be very gelpful for me.
    And some months ago
    I also told u to make videos on calculus and i am still waiting for it
    You told that go the
    I signed up there also
    But there also no videos on calculus
    And this is a very good channel
    Very helpful videos are there.
    They help me alot and i hope it helps others also
    Thank you
    Regards , a regular viewer of this channel…..
    And i hope u will think on making videos on those topic


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