Introduction to Electricity – CBSE 6 - Videos


What is Electricity? Even if we write a 500 page book on Concepts of Electricity, we wouldn’t be able to cover it fully! So you can imagine how difficult it would be to explain it in a bite sized video! Watch this introductory video to get the basic understanding of the term ‘Electricity’. To access the entire course for free, do visit our website here:

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  1. Before thomas edison many people tried to create light out of electricity but were'nt much successful, but later on edison created the first commercialy succesful light bulb in 1880s that could burn upto 1200 hours!

  2. Charges moving in one direction is only true in case of DC current, you should give only example of flash light instead of transformer and tubelight coz… They operate on AC current and unidirectional motion of changes is not true in case of AC current……. Thank you

  3. You say Electric current= flow of electrons in one direction ….and u also say that Electricity =flow of electric charge (electrons flow) in one direction…then where lies difference as per you..


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