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Courses starting from this Monday (21st May 2018)

1. Basics of Mathematics – Starting 22nd May
2. Basics of Curve Sketching: Transformations along Axes – Starting 22nd May
3. Domain Range Periodicity – Starting 28th May
4. Quadratic Equation – Part 1 – Starting 28th May

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What is MathonGo Master Classes?

MathonGo Master Classes is a combination of recorded and LIVE classes to enrich your concepts, that too from one of the best teachers of the country. First ever Flip-Classroom sessions in the country, which give you a feeling of the classroom even when you are learning online. Understand the basics from recorded lectures and apply the learned concepts in the live classrooms with questions. This is what is required to clear any exam, i.e. Concept Application.

Master Classes are not just on chapters, rather they are focused on topics which are mastered in a week’s time. More importantly, we try to cover the important portions in the limited time frame. We understand a student has limited time, as she might be having tuitions or coaching classes. So our target is to maximize in minimum time with least extra devotion. Study specific concepts with limited but quality questions to practice on. MathonGo Master Classes believes in the concept of delivering best quality rather than plain quantity.

What are the Features?

✔ A week-long course on specific topics
✔ 3 live sessions, morning and evening batches
✔ Recording of live session available after the class
✔ Multiple pre-recorded sessions
✔ After live session quizzes to determine concept application
✔ Assignments to practice and submit before attending a live session
✔ Final course quiz to test knowledge
✔ Doubt forum to ask doubts to other students of the course, share knowledge and learn
✔ Pay per course a.k.a. weekly basis, no need to pay for the entire year

Master the Concepts, Master any Exam!

Cracking IIT JEE, Mains or Advanced was never this easy.

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  1. I think price is too high, because if one chapter take 7 lectures than in one week one chapter would be completed. There are 40 chapter in maths for exam so total cost is 20k for course

  2. Sir ,please start it as soon as possible as I am going to drop this year. Also I'm very weak in mathematics.. But the cost is too much for a middle class family,please think about the cost


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