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Welcome to Sleepy Classes.
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We are attempting to make quality UPSC Education available to all.
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Except a very cost effective Test Series and a very rapid and detailed Crash Course for Prelims & Mains.

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  1. Looking forward to it.

    Say goodbye to Sundays from 1st July.

    Sir make one small video on time management too.

    8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ( Yojna & GS & Optional) + 2 hour newspaper + 1 hour insight daily. Now This…. I will not survive to give prelims.

    Also, it really hurts to study on Sunday after you sweat the whole week. I don’t want to study anymore.

  2. Please make sure sir to make this test series bilingual……. We r a group of students from both mediums….. We were not able join last time because of the very reason….. So please have an eye towards this regard….. Thank you sir…..!!

  3. JAB mai ne ye video dekhne start kiye the tab mam ne bataya tha ki ye FREE hoga ….baad mai apne nominal fees rakha …its ok no problem …………bt abhi apne jo fees rakhi hey oh toh Delhi ki coaching centre ki itni hi hey ……toh kuch difference hi nahi hey fees mai………mera ek suggestion hey ki aap fees rakhiye no doubt, bt oh thodi kam karo yar … kya hey with video solution without solution ………ye mere ko ajib lag raaha hey…….


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