IR: Complete coverage of Indo-China Relations {UPSC CSE/IAS, State PSCs} - Videos


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Aaditya Mishra takes you all the important details of Indo-China Relations – history, important events, diplomatic relations, and a lot more. Once you have watched this video, you would not have to read through multiple websites to obtain information on this topic.

The topics covered in the lesson:-
1. Background of Relations.
2. Indo-China Border Dispute.
3. Indo-China Water Dispute.
4. Trade Relations between India and China, and Introduction to OBOR
5. Indo-China Relations: Belt and Road Initiative
6. Indo-China Relations: China-Pak Angle
7. Indo-China Relations: NSG Issue
8. Indo-China Relations: Geopolitical Shifts

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  1. Thank you for the video, The content is really helpful and rich. Really amazing.

    Suggestion : Please stay a little away from the mic and also a spit guard in front. The audio is crisp. but the t's and d's and p's are too allowed.

  2. Sir I am very confused. In one of your videos you mentioned that BCCI is not part of the "State" as mentioned by SC, then why is SC administrating BCCI now indirectly with its mentioned 4 members at top postitions and why did it pass " cease and desist" order at the fisrt place if BCCI is a private institution; why it does have to intervene in admin of BCCI? Please clarify this SIr, I would be very grateful to you.


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