IR Current Affairs: India’s ‘Look’ East and ‘Act’ East Policy {UPSC CSE/IAS, State PSCs} - Videos


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First half of this video discusses the need for Look East & Act East Policy. The lesson tries to analyse the dynamism of South East Asian region. Then, it discusses the historical conditions that led India to start Looking East. It also discusses the history of India ASEAN relationship. The lesson ends with trying to look for changes in Act East approach of PM Modi.

The second half of the video deals with detailed discussion on ACT EAST policy of PM Modi. It also focuses on the challenges that India might face in having a substantial shift from our Look East Policy. The lesson ends with trying to look at the possible solutions that must be in place for true realisation of our potential in our Eastern Neighborhood.

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  1. +Unacademy

    hello aditya..your IR series are very genuine and knowledgeable … i would recommend you to continue with your IR facts and other amazing things. suggestion for your more videos – HOW DOES INDIA PLAYS A BIG BROTHER ROLE IN SOUTH ASIA. AND WHY CHINA AND PAKISTAN ARE SCARED OF IT.?? NO.2- INDIA ISRAEL RELATIONS.
    NO.3 INDIA AND AFRICAN COUNTERPARTS .?? i believe this would be very interesting.


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