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Is it worth opting for an MBA from new IIMs

Admission to the new IIMs is though CAP – 9 IIMs participated in it – IIM Bodhgaya, IIM kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Tirchy, IIM Udaipur

Other new IIMs which have their own interview process are IIM Amritsar, IIM Jammu, IIM Nagpur and IIM Vizag

In total there are 1745 seats in the new IIMs

The 6 Old IIMs setas are

– IIM Ahmedabad 462
– IIM Bangalore 385
– IIM Calcutta 382
– IIM Lucknow 419
– IIM Indore 375
– IIM Kozhikode 450

Thus a total of 2,473 seats

The new IIMs offer advantage in terms of a

a) Lower entry barrier – CAT Cut off of 95% for General
b) All new IIMs are mentored by the Old IIMs- Thus faculty is world-class
c) Fee is lower – ~8-12 lacs for 2 years
d) Placements are decent – Average Salary of ~10 lacs p.a.
e) Student Clubs, International Immersions and Students Activities are good

What lacks is the infrastructure. It will take a few years for the full fledged campuses to be built

Average and Highest Salaries Domestic/International ( lacs p.a. ) for 2017

IIM Nagpur 12.1 / 19
IIM Vizag 12.07 L / 16 L
IIM Tirchi 13.16 L/ 19.5 L
IIM Sirmaur 12 L / 32 L / 53 L
IIM Sambalpur 10.55 L / 60.74 L
IIM Rohtak 11.7 L / 30L
IIM Ranchi 16.07L / 57L
IIM Raipur 12.45 L / 22.05L
IIM Kashipur 12.19 L / 53 L
IIM Jammu 10.15L / 32L
IIM Bodh Gaya 10.6L / 24L
IIM Amritsar 11.93L/54L


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  1. when i was in childhood stage, I always preferred to get that "Yes" from my parents before taking up anything important. The same is the feeling when i went through this video of yours. Honestly sir, I seek for that "Yes" thing from your videos for most of my doubts.
    Thanks a ton sir.


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