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Best JEE Advanced Solutions (Organic Chemistry )

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  1. Sir I think only H2/Pd-BaSO4, or CaCO3 won't reduce carbon-oxygen double bonds, rest all catalytic hydrogenation reagents will do. Hence in paragraph question I think answer will be d

  2. Sir got frustrated and i not got good marks what i do…. Pls suggest me… Is comedk is good college… And how i identify which college is good one….. Through which criteria…… Pls help me sir

  3. Hello sir. Plz help me. I gave my jee mains in 2018 and got 7.7k rank. I made a huge mistake in advanced and used approximation in numerical value questions like approximated 1.5 to 2. Sir should i take a drop or to take admission in nits?? Sir plz help

  4. Sir special tips for JEE 2020 aspirants (now in class 11th) please sir please sir please sir. Respond sir. Sir sir sir I belong to ghetkheda(which is a gao) tips so that I can compete those atheletes who have been running from years and they even have farrari to race while I am on cycle

  5. I have one doubt you are saying that 51% is para product but it's not correct because in meta position more electron density it means that high percentage yield should be meta product


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