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  1. Sir , I need your help here . How should I go about my third attempt to mains '18 ? Might be I join USIT this year . Though it's not recommended to gave a third attempt but I want to seriously improve upon my habits and improve myself otherwise I would leave things halfway between every damn time .
    I want to see how it feels like to be successful . I'm afraid that if I stick with my college now , I might be depressed for 4 years out there and don't make out anything . I know this will cost me year but it's better than to lead a miserable life ,I want to teach my self this harsh lesson now so that I can reset my life all over again
    Ofcourse my family won't allow to sit me at home and so I'll have manage this with college only

  2. what to do if i am trying my level but still i go blank in test and performing poor. My performance is going down. I am currently a student of class 12th. What should i do

  3. Sir pls upload a full descriptive video on iit counselling after jee advance exam,there r so many questions about it in my mind, where can I get answers for those questions? do u meet personally anywhere in Mumbai, so that I can talk to you n clear those questions


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