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PICS INSTITUTE guides students for –
How to prepare chemistry?
Chemistry for class 12th?
Chemistry for class 11th?
How to prepare for JEE ?
How to prepare for NEET?
Syllabus for class XII chemistry-
Solid state , solutions , electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, polymers, chemistry in Everyday life , biomolecule, general principle of extraction , d&f block elements , coordination compounds, p block elements , Haloalkanes & Haloarenes , Alcohol , Phenols & ethers , Aldehydes & Ketones , carboxylic acids , Nitrogen containing compounds.

Syllabus for class 11th chemistry-
Some basic concept 2. Structure of atom atomic structure 3. Classification and periodic properties 4. Chemical bonding 5. Thermodynamics 6. States of matter 7. Redox reaction 8. Equilibrium 9. Hydrocarbon 10. S block elements 11. P block

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