JEE, NEET and August ! - Videos


It’s August and we thought we would bring up some important things as your preparation for NEET and JEE proceeds to the next stage.

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  1. sir plzz make a vedio on feb neet 2019 for droppers i m so much confused what to do and what not to do as only 6 months left plzz help me with whole 6 month plan plzz sir i m not alone there will be lot of students plzz help us

  2. i have school everyday…and my test exam is knocking at my door…there is to much pressure on me….what should my time table or schedule to get good marks in my board exam and crack NEET??? please help me sir!

  3. Sir my maths is very very weak. My physics is strong and Chemistry is also good but I think my maths is and will pull me down. What should I do that will help me in addition to the regular schedule of the tution class I’m following ?

  4. Sir I am in class 12 and preparing for jee , how to revise the concepts of class 11 and at the same time complete the remaining portions , concentrate on boards with two extra subjects in it and complete all this before November for a good and through revision of topics before the real test

  5. Hello sir. I've started my study since August for neet 2019. I didn't join any coaching center. So how can I complete the syllabus? What should I do? Now I'm getting confused. Please help me sir. And sir my weakness is in chemistry. So please tell me a good chemistry mcq practice book

  6. sir I am first year dropper just passed 12th..I had not taken seriously the 11th standard but now we r having xams in feb(NEET) how will i manage all this..i dnt know what to do plzz help…

  7. Plzz sir make a video how to complete the whole syllabus of neet in feb exam..sir im a dropper and how many chapters complete in a month and week..for good result along with mcqs.. Plzz sir guide me mujhe kuch smjh nhi aa rha sir plz help…iss baar mujhe exam phodna h .kuch miss nhi krna chahti..

  8. Sir it's difficult for me to complete weekly test syllabus & coaching homework as those are different. How should I handle this? My marks in weekly test is poor as I couldn't complete the syllabus in tests in order to do coaching homeworks.

  9. Sir
    Can u please provide a video through which we can get an idea to prepare our schedule to complete the syllabus till dec for neet??
    Especially for those who are not taking any coaching.

  10. Thanks sir😆😆😆. No more questions no more answers. Only study sir. Move around your dream colg…look at it(i hav mine in my city only just a few kms away from my home)and just have a fantasy what the day would look like when you are gonna come here…😇after thinking this think of your mother whos waiting for you to go there…and then sit back and study. you are gonna forget everything…how many days are left…😅😅sylb all…phone… You are just gonna work work anddd work.

  11. Hello Sir , I really need your advise since I'm a dropper and I still am not able to complete half of the syllabus by august I'm so confused regarding time table to implement……please sir help me out.


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