Jugaad Series for UPSC – Quick Diagrams Part 3 – Social Democracy (by BR Ambedkar) – - Videos


This video specifically focusses on the ideas of BR Ambedkar, given in his last speech, where he dwells on a few basic Social Mathematics.

Watch out in the video how he creates various possibilities using plus and minus.

I loved it when I first read it.

Thought of sharing it with you.

Third Part of the series of learning how to present our answers in a better way in IAS/UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam.

A very important way to improve your score in UPSC/IAS Civil Services Mains Exam is to use a lot of illustrations and diagrams in the answers.

This video is an attempt to do just that.
It helps you explore simple ideas and present them in a neat way.

Do let us know if you have more such ideas. Let’s all help each other in creating a solid, learned community.




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