Kerala’s Hadiya conversion case controversy – Love Jihad or fight for Justice for Akhila? UPSC/IAS - Videos


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  1. Both are wrong.Praising own religion and criticing others-great Ashoka had said at time of converting from hinduism to buddhism.
    I think there is very simple solution of these types of controversies..if anyone wants to convert his or her religion just to go the court and confess there that I want change my that ppl can avoid court cases after converting their religion.

  2. Ek jhoot ko bar bar bolo toh aane waley zamane mein log us jhoot ko sach manne lagte hain.

    Love Jihad
    Gau hathya
    Indian Muslims are belongs to Pak
    Desh tarakki karraha hai
    Babri masjid was ram mandir
    Taj Mahal was Shiva Temple

  3. Inter-religious and intercaste marriages are very common practices in India.
    Eg: 1.Subraminiyam swamy daughter was married to a Muslim.

    2.Another daughter of his married to a Jew.

    3.Mukhtar Abbas nakhvi is a senior politician of BJP married to Seema.

    4. Shahnawaz Hussainis another senior politician of BJP married to Renu.

    Can't blame the Muslims and Islam. Love Jihad is a false propaganda.

  4. NIA has provided many such cases wich gives similar type of conversion
    When things happen tge same often it doesn't seems to b natural it's porpously done for conversion on people
    It's not the first case there are hudge no of such cases

  5. मेरे ख्याल से इस लड़की को कुछ समय के लिए उच्चतम न्यायालय की बात को धयान में रख कर ही कुछ करना चाहिए क्योंकि हो सकता है कि उसे प्रेरित किया गया हो और अच्छे मोहाल में रहने से समझ सके सारी बात को ओर जहा तक personal freedom की बात करे और वो व लड़की की तो हिन्दू में रह कर जितना freedom मिलता है उतना इस्लाम मे नही मिलता सबसे बड़ी बात उस लड़की ने इस केस के बीच मे शादी क्यों कि या फिर उसे करवा दिया गया ?????

  6. Prashant Dhawan ur bias in this video. Really u don't know about the Islam conversion factory, brain wash strategies, many NGO, Left liberals agendas, petro dollars funding, gazava e hind concept. U talking about hadiya, u also brainwashed by this strategy, this strategy is called as intellectual terrorism or secularism. I challenging you make video on Kerala PFI group. Don't foolish ur students or channel followers. U r not neutral in this video. if u neutral then how u assuming she not brainwashed, why u talking about only 2-3 media reports there r many media reports that shows how she brainwashed, which organization involved, how they work, where funding cames from, hadiya husband history, hadiya roommate details (how they work for conversion) all details are already published or shows in media reports. (u talking about only Ndtv reports).

  7. Haan is behnchid ko sb pta hai ki coat ko kya lga or ye lga….BC jo sach hoga vhi lge ga na court ko…..bhopdike tuje itna pta hai toh tu he judge bn ja……saala jihadi…..bakchodi kr ra hai…
    @admin ?

  8. Though in our country, judiciary has been kept independent but the verdict of KHC is partial and just in favour of Ms. Hadiya's parents. Ms. Hadiya is an adult and has complete freedom of taking decision regarding her personal matters e.g in the contest of religion, until and unless her decisions or actions present a threat to the society. Our constitution is the supreme law and it has been made after quite social applications and as the apex authority in supervising and deciding on cases, SC should protect the provisions for individuality and one's development unlike the KHC's verdict which is sheer dubious and partial exempting the individual to enjoy her rights.

  9. i am not against if the girl want to convert willingly , but this is also the fact that Love Jihad exist, and Funding ho rhi h iske lie … ki Hindu Ladkiyo ko patao fake name se .. then unko convert kro bad me .. many cases are coming like this.

  10. Ye case bohot complicated nahi Hai jitna bataya ja raha Hai, ye thoda abhike political condition se prabhavit Hai (Hindu Muslim topic), our Court ko koi hak nahi Hai Constitution ke clear meaning wale part ke against work karna. Ye sidha Constitution pr hambla hai

  11. I think in this issue , the fundamental right of individual is is revoking, which is unconstitutional… Though Fundamental right have some reasonable restriction in some special issues,bt how can it one lose by an individual in a equal circumstances to all…. It's not only hampared one's right to freedom but also effecting her right to privacy right.She has this right to move anywhere, marriage any one and right to profess any religion (under art 19,21,25 respectively) according to our Constitution.

  12. Urdu is the most influential language…. Theoretically 18 years adult age declare kr dia gya hai pr we all know ki it's not that difficult to influence someone of age 26… Changing our religion is a very big decision but it can be possible to influence someone to adopt it. I think the constitution need an amendment ki "if you want to change your religion then first file a petition for it in the court and then you can only converted to other religion after a year.." I think a year will be enough to realise if they are being influenced and one year of our 80 year lifespan is not a big deal so people who really want to change their religion can wait easily.

  13. For your information parents always thinking best for his child. Parent rights always above then any stupid law. Responsible Decision taken by Kerala HC. If any person is involve in criminal activity and suspicious activity as told by you, then how court should allow him to spoil any innocent life.

  14. Akhila's father Ashokan is an atheist so he never influenced his daughter by fakes rituals and stories of religion. But Akhila didnt understand her father , additionally she don't have much deeper thinking about religion and concise mind (agar usme concise mind hota toh kabhi islam nahi leti). Most of the girls don't have deeper thinking about themselves and society. I think Akhila is introvert and must be don't have much friends in her life , as she don't even look much beautiful hence may be failed in love therefore she wanted all these things. So, in this scenario she got the friendship of these two muslim girls Faseena and Jassena. These two girls already looking for target and they got it. They influenced Akhila by luring about the stories of their religion (as every religion have their stories), so she got an impression that after accepting islam she will get all the things which she is eagerly looking for i.e. love (muslim husband), friendship( Fasheena and Jaseena, naam se hi lagta hai ki kuch gadbad hai) and heaven (fake promise). Her father's allegation is right that she don't know what is right for her. Even if we mature by age doesn't mean that we always know that what is right and what is wrong? People do mistakes even at older ages. Her father know well what's wrong about her, so let him fight for her daughter and respect court decision whatever it will be. Thanks

  15. india ke logo ka koi rights nahi hai….sab rights…. indian government ke pass hai….aise law or..hc.. pr main……peshab krta hu……main bhi ek indian hun dukh hota hai…aisa law or kanoon dekh kar…..jaha logo ka rights nahi……..hai

  16. Jab hamare article mye freedam hai toh matlab nahi banta ki court aisa faisla deh..esse hamare right ka hanan hota hai..wobi sirf shak ke bina peh ki woh kisi terririst organise ke samband rakhne jaa rahi hai…balki usne sirf islaam dharam kabuul kiya hai..kisi bi dharam ko maanna yeh hamara haq hai…

  17. conversation is by brainwash so it is just a crime

    I congrats to her parents for fight?

    bas isne pahle se dhyan diya hota toh ye din nahi dekhna padta

    ladkiyan har jiski uski ijjat hoti hai
    isliye ladkiyo ko aapne parivar ke bare sochana chahiye aur kisike bhi bhaikaveme nahi aana chahiye .
    chahe phir vo kisi bhi dharm ki ho

  18. is mamle ki janch honi chahiye aur if isme sachai h to ise bahut seriously treat krna chahiye aur agar hadiya vastav m Syria chali jay aur India me kisi terrorist attack ko anjam de to ye ek pulical mudda ho jata h personally nhi rh jata

  19. Bhai ye ek jln hai muslimo se bs aur kuch nhi….aur ye dogli rajneeti hr jgh pe aa chuki.hai….aap niche k comments…me dekh skte ho k log kitne dogle ho gye hai…agr aaj muslim ldki yhi krti to yhi dogle logo k liye ye accha ho jata…ye dogle kisi ko bhi gali…de rhe hai…chahu to mai bhi bhr bhr k gali du in doglo ko, lekin ye dogle ho chuke hai…inko gali ka bhi asr nhi hai…bhai isse phle k bhi hukumto me anyay hue hai….but is smy jo gandagi…in doglo ne failayi hai..usse to gandagi bhi sharma jaye….. aap jaise log hi hai jispe sacchai ko aaj bhi naaj hai…keep it up bro….salute u bro…

  20. There are plenty of muslims in this world, why would anybody want to forcibly convert.
    Maybe she found Islam a better religon than Hinduism therefore she converted.
    This point is not being digested by the Hindus. Therefore they call it Love Jihad.
    Love does not care about any religon.


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