Know why KOTA is BEST for IIT-JEE & NEET preparation? My EXPERIENCE at ALLEN,KOTA - Videos


Kota is synonym of IIT-JEE & NEET preparation. I would recommend it to be the best place for IIT-JEE prep. as I had also prepared for NEET in kota for 2 years. As more students are getting attracted towards to dis education hub, so there are high chances of getting distracted from the goal.
I would like to list some pros and cons to make it easy.
1. Best environment u ll find to study.
2. Some of the best coaching institutes of the country like vibrant,resonance,bansal,allen,etc.
3. Best mentors u ll come across.
4. Also u cant miss “KOTA ki KACHORI”.
1. Lot of stuffs to distract u from your goals like cafes,malls,etc.
2. Depression and stress usually comes in ones life during preparation.

You’ll do great if you stay away from depression and distractions. that is one sure short way. And surely u gonna learn how to live life.



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