(L-12) Electrochemical cell(Electrode Potential) | NEET JEE AIIMS 2019 Electrochemistry By A.Arora - Videos


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  1. Sir, aapne bataya ki agar cathode wale ka S.P increase kar diya jaye to cell kaam nhi karega because redox reaction will not take place but sir there is a confusion ki anode wale solution me bhi to sirf oxidation reaction hi ho rha tha,redox to nhi ho rha tha Lekin waha to ions nikal-2 kar solution me aa rhe the .Sir please is confusion ko door kijiye ki aisa kyo rha hai.

  2. Sir my chemistry is very weak
    And becouse of only this subject i am not. Get admision in mbbs college
    And i go for reneet whith self study
    I want your help ,tell me whic book i should read to improve my chemistry
    Plzz sir if you reply it's realy helpful. For me

  3. Bohr radius and velocity expression for atom
    Today's HW "answer"
    For hydrogen ;velocities are
    n=1 then v=2.18*10(6)m/s
    n=2 then v=1.09*10(6)m/s
    n=3 then v=0.72*10(6)m/s
    Am I right sir?😐😐😐
    Please reply.. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Sir I really now found you among the best people
    You really are a brilliant man
    You teach each and every topic and you clear all our concepts and doubts as well and the most important thing is that it is free of cost, your teaching is somehow more better than the teachers who teach in coaching centers and take a big amount of money, Sir I really respect you and highly appreciate your work
    I hope you will continue this
    Thank you Sir

  5. Sir,jis tarah aapne solution chapter me osmotic pressure samjhaya tha usi tarah yaha samjhaiye n ki SP<or>OP hone par kya hota hai,kaise hota hai,kyu hota hai……sir yahi par kuchh samajh me nahi ayaa

  6. Sir plz reply…. ncert m likha h ki " sometime both the electrodes dip in the same electrolyte solution and in such case we do not require a salt bridge" sir iska mtlb smjh nhi aaya aapne to smjhya h ki solution ki neutrality bnyee rkhne k liye salt Bridge ki jrurt h lekin kya agr same electrolyte hoga to nhi jrut pdegi plz reply sir


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