(L-13) Difference in Galvanic cell & Electrolytic cell | NEET JEE AIIMS 2019 | Electrochemistry - Videos


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  1. Sir d and f block ki videos dal do pleaseeee mera test hai last week me and teachers say ki dekhte hai u tube se study karne vale top karenge (me) ya mere(teacher) pass padne vale🙀🙀🙀🙀

  2. Sir hindi midium वालों के लिए कौन सी Book Achhi rahegi… Plees sir batao हम हिन्दी midium वाले को कौन से Book padhna chahiya

  3. sir..please please and please after electrochemistry please start ORGANIC CHEMISTRY because jn my skool it goes .. for clear the topics please sir start organic chem. or i also inform so many students for u …. but sir please start that or THANKING YOU …….

  4. Bohr radius and velocity expression for atom
    Today's HW "answer"
    For hydrogen ;velocities are
    n=1 then v=2.18*10(6)m/s
    n=2 then v=1.09*10(6)m/s
    n=3 then v=0.72*10(6)m/s
    Am I right sir?😐😐😐
    Please reply.. 🙏🙏🙏


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