(L-14) SHE(Standard Hydrogen Electrode) for EMF Calculation | NEET JEE AIIMS & 12th Board By A.Arora - Videos


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  1. Sir, I am a 2018 dropper. I scored 396. Can you please make a video addressing the changes that will be introduced due to NTA conducting neet in 2019 especially with respect to droppers. I got 83% in PCB for 12th. Am i eligible to answer neet 2019? Please help. I used to go for Aaksh coaching, and learnt everything they thought. But neet had all ncert questions, so I lost marks. Can i answer neet 2019 as a dropper? Will they increase the pcb percentage to be eligible? Will the number of attempts be lowered? Will there be two NEETS? Will NTA change the syllabus? Please Help, my life is a crisis.

    Thank you.

    Sir If there is a way to contact you by email, it would be very helpful.

  2. Sir mjhe apka homework dene wala tarika smjh ni aata………sir jaise kisi aur chapter ki vedio homework k liye dete h……

    Sir plz don't get me wrong……but plz explain me the main motive of your homework


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