LEARN ENGLISH – Difference between Discreet and Discrete – WHAT ARE HOMOPHONES? - Videos


In today’s Learn English lesson, we will learn two words that are often confused with one another – Discreet and Discrete.

Discreet and Discrete have the same pronunciation and similar spellings. Such words, which sound similar but mean different things, are called homophones. In this video, we explain the difference between these two homophones and tell you, with examples, how to use them.

We also include a handy trick to help you remember the difference.
The video has a number of examples and images to help you easily grasp the word meanings and usage.

Knowing the difference between confusing words will also help you in the Verbal/English sections of tests like CAT, GMAT, GRE, SSC-CGL, BANK PO, SAT, ACT etc.


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