Learn English vocabulary words with meaning in Hindi Urdu through phrases - Videos


Learn most common and daily use English vocabulary words with meaning via English phrases in Hindi, Urdu for Indian, Pakistani beginners. Ifactner covers 100 daily use words in English vocabulary lesson through Urdu and Hindi.
The pattern of this English vocabulary words with meaning video tutorial lesson is simple. The spoken English lesson is intended for Pakistani, Indians and all the people from around the world who understand Hindi, Urdu and would like to learn English vocabulary words and common English sentences.

For Lesson 1 – 3000 English Words का मतलब सीखो With Phrases | Learn Vocabulary For Beginners Through Hindi | Course

Lesson 2 – English words and vocabulary | Learn English vocabulary via sentences in Hindi, Urdu video

Many of us wonder : How to speak English fluently and confidently? Ifactner’s answer is simple that by learning new English words and improving your English vocabulary, you can take the first step towards confident and fluent English speaking.

English vocabulary in Hindi. Learn English words meaning in Hindi Urdu for Bank PO, SSC CGL competitive exams. Beginners learn the meaning of English words and improve their English vocabulary via English phrases and common daily use sentences through Hindi and Urdu.
This lesson teaches you 100 English words meaning in Hindi. If you cover the whole 3000 English words meaning in Hindi tutorial series then you will be able to understand 90% of English conversation. Indians and Pakistanis will be able to speak English confidently and fluently at the completion of this course.



  1. Masha Allah Sir Interesting Apka Kam Sab se Aala hai Urdu aur Hindi me Jo chennal English sikha rhy hein unko Aap check karein kay kia cheez un mein Aap se Ziyada hai Khubsurat Hai Aur khud ko Mazeed Improve karein Best tu Hein Aur Ziyada Best Ban jaie Ap sharm Nhe Karein Aur nhe Dar hein Hind aur pak ki Jawanoo kay Liye Behtren Chennal Hein Apka is ko Hona Aaj se hai .TsMadan jaise hai chennal wo dekhein


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