Learn Idioms and Phrases with Meanings – Daily 25 Idioms and Phrases – Day 13 - Videos


Idioms and Phrases with Meanings – Daily 25 Idioms and Phrases for all competitive exams.
This is a revision course on idioms and phrases for various competitive examinations. In each lecture 25 idioms and phrases will be covered which wee asked in previous years papers. The motive of the course is to give a quick review of all important idioms and phrases with their meanings. Must watch for all.

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  1. exquisite from the scratch ….nd persevering…..it was much convenient than other ……it abstruse those idioms which were most Delphic…nd I presume that these are more relevant to exams…….thnks mm…..

  2. your video is quite helpful so thanks, but I found one of the meanings of the idioms wrong i.e. "both ends meet" meaning is showing in Google is having meager income:- to earn and spend equal amounts of money. (Usually in reference to a meager living with little if any money after basic expenses.)But your video suggests it's meaning is "having a lavish lifestyle". I think it should've been corrected. Thank you.

  3. I guess meaning of "on the brink of" is that something is about to happen/occur (not necessarily an incident really) . Example , the old building in the town is on the brink of collapse.
    I guess it is similar to "on the verse of"

    2. As other people here in the comments are saying that the meaning of "meeting both the ends" has been incorrectly explained then I have my answer for this one. As per my understanding in English language, the meaning of above probably should be " earning enough to meet all the expenses. (not necessarily living a lavish life)

    P.s. I might be wrong. Please leave your corrections. Will be happy to learn. ?

  4. Mam first of all thanks for the vdo pr jsa sbne btaya idioms to galat the hi uske alawa spellings bhi kayi galat h eg. Arrogant ki, mam iska dhayan rkhte hue vdo bnayengi to aur b beneficial hoga hmare lie 🙂


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