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Hello Guys…In this lecture, we are going to discuss lecture plan.
we request you to give your suggestions in comment box.
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  1. Sir, can you take class (online) that can assure 100% questions from your Notes Only.Sir,We have Lot to memorize in Inorganic, So if Possible can you start With Inorganic (very important topics), how to deal with the subject approach and Practice? Thanks for Coming Back with Massive Action Plan .Thank you.

  2. Sir IOC and OC completion should be a bit quick since they cover the most scoring/time saving portion of the exam, and I presume you yourself possess an expertise in the 2 subjects.
    Math and Physics can be kept a bit slow but kindly focus on OC and IOC.

  3. Sir, promise kiya hai…nibhaana bhi 🙂 Good to see you again in the form… sir dec. tk ho jana chahiye syllabus… and phy. maths. ka bhi kro… kahut km time pda hai 🙂
    Jaan lga do…jaan lelo 🙂
    aapki mehnat rang laye 🙂 aur haan assignment dete rhna taaki aur books me dimaaag na maare 😉

  4. sir
    aap pehle organic ki videos daal do week m 3 to 4
    aur phir baad m inorganic aur physical chemistry ki video daaliyega.
    kyoki aise m focus agar ek thing complete krne m rhe to bdiya h wrna dono jagah dikkat ho sakti h
    aap hamaare liye itna mehnat kr rhe ho iss k liye bahut bahut dhanyawaad sir

  5. Sir Pls make a video on all the exceptions and anamolies in inorganic and organic mainly for jee advanced
    Pls sir I am not able filter the important ones😢😢😭😔

  6. Sir please course thoda jaldi kara do specially organic chemistry so that we are eligible for January jee mains exam and please if possible give videos in sequence as per syllabus so that we can make notes.Thankyou sir for devoting your precious time.

  7. Sir aap jo start kye h organic and inorganic sr aap sb toppic phir se pdhaienge na sir plz reply ….
    I mean sir jaise aap p block pe kuch vedio dale h to woh sb ki to zrurat nhi ho gi na sir aap sb complt krwaienge na sir plz sr aap hi sirf hm log k sath

  8. Sir can u start organic with basics …bcz few of my basics r nt bit clear even if u brush up them it will b Fyn fir topics like resonance,hyperconjugation, hybridisation, inductive & mesomeric effect …Ur lectures r awesome 😃


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