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  1. My niece (that is two years older than me) was born with a “cat eye” just like that. I never heard it referred to as a coloboma.

    I am now fully aware of colobomas now because my 3rd child was born with CHARGE Syndrome and had double colobomas in both eyes but they were retina related so you couldn’t see them without special instruments. Sadly he passed away at 6 1/2 months old on 4/4/17 due to surgical complications of a re-repair of his TEF. It’s now my goal to go back to school for nursing and possibly more in the future as well.

  2. The strangest things, and I love it, happen to me. I saw this video yesterday and yesterday/night previous, I helped local law enforcement catch a hurt dog. I actually caught her and brought her home and found her to have the top full half of both eyes are brown and the bottom half of both eyes are blue. She appears to be an Aussie mix and the sweet Officer picked her up this morning to get her into rescue and get her medical care. I am going to post a few pictures on my facebook now if they came out.

  3. Hi I need some professional advice. I always smell like poop even half hour after getting out of the shower. Ever since I was a kid I stuck toilet paper inside my butt to clean inside. And sometimes around my butt hole would bleed and the inside would bleed too and sometimes it still does today I’m so scared to tell anyone. And if I don’t stick toilet paper inside my butt i smell worse. So I’m scared I have a loose butt from all those 7 or 6 years of doing it. I feel like my butt leaks so I keep toilet paper in between my butt cheaks to stop the leaking but I still stink. And is it possible to get surgery to fix it? PLEASE HELP ITS RUINING MY LIFE!!! I have no self confidence and I’m scared to be around anyone

  4. Hi Dr. Paul. I was a teacher of young children with visual impairments for forty years. I am now retired. I know this child has been seen by ophthalmologists, but what I noticed is how she covers her right eye with her hand. One of the issues with iris coloboma is that it can cause diplopia. Children who have double vision often try to suppress the vision in one eye to eliminate the double vision. I am in no way trying to second guess the specialists, but I wonder if she might have double vision. The brain will eventually suppress the vision in one eye if she does. Again, if you know that this isn't the case, please just accept my comment as a concerned TVI who finds it hard to let go of her profession. Best wishes. I really enjoy your YouTube channel.

  5. Dr Paul I have a question regarding vaccine! Do you know if its safe to have an unvaccinated baby around a newly vaccinated infant(live vaccines such as mmr and chicken pox)? I recently heard of shedding some of the virus off to others is that true?

  6. About a month ago I got stitches on my forearm (3 btw) because I threw a wet t-shirt and a metal ceiling tile came down and hit my arm. I now have a purple scar and a daily reminder of my stupidity.

  7. Such a sweet little Angel 👼🏻 I‘m sending this lovely Family lots of Love 💕 Thanks 🙏 for sharing your story🌺💕☘️🌺 greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭😘


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