LIVE| Cynthia G & Amiri Brown Ask What Are We Prepared To Do - Videos


In this video, Cynthia G & Amiri Brown ask what are we prepared to do.
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    To support this Channel & View Exclusive Content that is not on YouTube, please consider donating via 2$ or 5$ via Patreon To Donate Via PayPal: To Contact me for Interviews or to send me news that you would like for me to speak about, email me @ [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @CynthiaGre84

  2. Now that youre finally addressing the killing of this beautiful black sister!!! When black men and conscious black Women have made numerous video's about the killing of this black Woman and the vicious assault on her sister!!! And again it's the Black Mens fault!! Smmfh..

  3. A good example in my oppinon of what you talking about is when Harriet Tubman tried to take her husband away from bondage, and he refused to be free. Was it fear, or did he just give up! Nothing new under the sun. I am not saying this applies to all black men.

  4. Wait…where there black men of military age around when those sisters were attacked? How are black men as a whole on the hook for a sneak attack? Come on y'all.

  5. I don't consider myself black anymore because I took an ancestry DNA test and found out I am
    20% German, so I have free carte blanche to lust after and marry white women ….. why would I hate whites for enslaving me and getting rich, when Africans sold me and got rich, blacks and whites are equally guilty, Race is a Con

  6. question.. how came when black women get murdered black men throw them under the fucking buss , but when it;s a black man no matter how fuck-up his views of black women are , black men still want black women too support him and…then these man will try too shame you for not wanted too be supportive too evil:3time3:..the truth teller

  7. i like too read comments and i read, one black man's comment and he stated that by putting black women in their place black men are fighting white supremacy, not my words but an idiots, if this is how our men think we are men say that black women are not oppressed .l.m.f.a.o.:3time3:..the truth teller

  8. They not doing nothing now that they havent done since the inception of this country,black people been virtually the same beings this entire time,yall think yall gonna stick the key in niggas back by talking on social internet sites,nobody gonna do shit for nobody,its the amerikan culture in us. You conquered "get it",what you thought you was free? You dont see yourselves as conquered thats why yall talk that shit on these channels aint none of yall gone fight or war with them hoes. Stop acting like its some its all everbody. If a nigga go out and kill a hundred crackers right now all any of yall gone do is make a video,you aint gone follow suit you'll be talking bout those were the wrong ones to kill,you niggas need to stop,let the shit go,you conquered in a conquered land all you can do is protect your family the best you can because a nigga aint gone do shit but what we always been doing "talking" and weak ass females and males thats going to go along to get along and cant beat'em join'em type muthafuckas going to follow suit. All you youtube niggas gonna do is get a muthafucka killed then say I didnt say go out and do x y & z. GTFOH!


  10. CYN G….. BLACK MEN DON'T WANNA OWN SHIT 4 REAL !!! Black Men Don't want to Do The thinking on a business level ! It is easier to let whitey Run shit and make all of the money !! They get at least over 60% of the profits and the players get 40% and do all the muscle work !! They make the extra money from endorsements and make all of those other companies $20 million to each $1Million the player gets off the top….They just want to Bust A NUTT in several women white and black and other nationalities They throw them a few Beckies and walk off the with the Brief Case filled with money and all the black player has to show for anything is a Wet Dick and baby mommas!! LOL ! LMAO !!! Oh yeah and some Bragging On My Dick Rights !! LOL !

  11. Hmm We need to start economically!Pool our money together start a hedge or investment fund. There is money to be made out here we just need the right people to do it. Alot of crime starts because we lack financial stability.

  12. Another "stand your ground" shooting in Florida. A "self appointed" parking patrol harassing a black woman. He started some mess, yet he was scared when the brother was protecting/defending his family. He started the mess. It was ok to terrorize the women. Confronting and trying to control. Just like BBQ Becky, and Coupon Carl; whining and shaking, but always wants to starts something. Want to terrorize and harass, and then play the "victim".
    Those kids will be traumatized for life seeing their dad "executed". All because someone thought they was the "slave patrol.
    "The New Jim Crow" y'all. Welcome to Amurderca.

  13. Cynthia G, I say you be the one to lead us in this effort, pick loyal deputies and set up a meeting place to plan. It is actually not that hard from a psychological perspective. We just need to acknowledge our own determination of our Self Worth. Self Worth, translated into economics is CURRENCY. What does this mean? We need to find land, in a friendly place on earth, take everyone who is useful in production, and defense, decide on our own currency and the printing of it. Get psychology trained curriculum developers, for the sake of reproduction, research and development. Gather all our people who can produce food, shelter,communications, transport, clothing, social infrastructure, factories, retail markets, labs, drugs, decide on how we are going to live off the land, defend ourselves and access clean water, camp out, establish diplomatic relations, construct with socially sound architectural plans.

  14. Amiri makes a lot of sense when looking at what's going on between women and men now, maybe they are fighting black women because they think it's the only fight they can win. But we can't fight each other we have to stick together that's how we will win. I am not speaking about all black men I know there are great black men I am married to one.

  15. We are preparing to do nothing but keep talking about what are we're going to do we as blks HV been talking for decades MZ.G why don't u debate bro Sanchez I would love to see and here that

  16. I sent you an email about new information pertaining to Charlemagne the God and his past with drugging women and raping them while they were unconscious.

  17. I listen to this song by Jill Scott that is titled "How Would You Feel If Every Black Female was Gone" Summing it up, Black will no longer exist if EVERY black female in the world disappeared. Someone said something so brilliant. They said, "The black man says he hates the white man but love the white man's sperm". Those white women come from the nut sack of a white man and niggas be dying for it. They mightiest well suck a white penis and swallow since they think everything good comes from white men…

  18. Listening to this video realizing that Cynthia is right. I don't want black people to be exterminated at all. I really don't want our black men to be exterminated but at the rate we're going that's where we're headed. I hope
    we all ( Black Men & Women ) begin to get on the same page because we are at our best fighting together against World Wide Racism/ WS. I know there are individuals doing what they can but we still need to fight back collectively by withdrawing financial support from as many racist organizations/people as possible and holding people and policies that are supposed to keep us safe like every other group of people but aren't accountable. We have to let others know that you may hate us but we won't tolerate your disrespect and terror. I know it won't happen overnight but the sooner we start working together the better off we'll be👍🏾👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  19. When the white supremacist tried to run up on maxine waters office in south central they got ran out by them G's I notice u haven't spoke on it right before when the girl was stabbed, I know u know about it but u didn't speak on it.

  20. @ 1:00:00 That's funny you said that, bc I was thinking that the other day. If they changed the laws back to anti- miscegenation , then bm would fight ferociously. This is all too sickening. The women have the courage to fight, but not the strength. And the men have the strength to fight, but not the courage.

    All I know is this oppression is driving me mad. I just got traffic tickets totaling $1000.00 over seat belt and turning signals.One of them was while I was on vacation in D.C. I can't even go on vacation w/o being penalized by these demons. Most of the fines were less that $25.00 but these devils charged over $100.00 for administrative cost, which is code for their wealth. I went the hell off on those cops and I don't even care if they do kill me bc living as a slave is worse than death.

  21. @1 hour 40. White men dictate which women are attractive through their power. This is why in the 80s black men would say "I can't with asian women, they ain't got no azz!", and then when white men were wifing up asian women, suddenly asian women were "fione!!" It has nothing to do with self-hate. Black men LURVVE themselves. They just hate us. We are only the same group because whites have dictated it. It's like saying it's "female self hatred" for white women to oppress black women.

    Even wealthy black men don't get cream of the crop white women. Take Tiger Woods wife, whose "friend" thought to introduce him to a nanny. He immediately knew that was the best type of white woman he could get, poor with no financial prospects or damaged, but young and blond. Same with OJ's wife. Black women have to remember that just because they have been socialized to view black men as having lots of options, doesn't mean they do outside of women already lower on the totem pole.

    Black men don't understand why white men would crave dark skinned women with nappy hair, but generally white men RESPECT purity in their own kind, and others. They don't need someone half asian, and half new zealander and a 4th sprinkled black. The very traits that black men want in black women are rejected by white men. Black women who look like Lupita have far better chances than Amber Rose with white men. That really bothers black men, because they hate the way dark skinned black women look. It's not "self hatred", they hate the sight of us no matter how docile and differential we act.

  22. Nothing! We do not want to be LIBERATED! We enjoy.being pawns and subjects of these DEMONS. We enjoy being kicked in our behinds! We are a WEAK PEOPLE! We sit back, run our mouths, and scatter like roaches!
    When someone stands up and speak out, we distance ourselves from them or we use them up until they are dead. Leeches! Plus, they buy our so-call leaders off. They sell their own people out for a dollar. Greed and Self-serving is the name if this game!

  23. Well perhaps the Quasunn idiot that made that comment should be gunned down and everybody just assume with him being a black male that he was probably just a menace to society dope selling thug that needed to be exterminated by a racist paleling… What a disgusting coward he was to blame the victim that never even had an altercation with the lunatic demon that killed her just because she was a small easy Black target.
    Even if she had "mouthed off" she had the legal right to freedom of speech, and NOTHING anyone says warrants killing them.
    It's alarming that there are such stupid despicable bm walking around breathing who think like this; race soldiers only need to exterminate them for us since they're traitors anyway…I don't mind them getting rid of those so they can't sabotage the race anyway, but I'm upset to hear about the normal Black people being slaughtered who had potential like that 18 year old girl.

  24. What bothered me about the father is he asked the public to help him get justice for his daughter; he didn't come across as a protector that would take justice and kill for his child…He seemed passive like the typical bm that the world sees as terribly weak. I wish he'd just declined coming on camera and allowed the mother and sister to come on and cry to gain the sympathy of the public instead of him reinforcing the stereotype of bm, grief or not.


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