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  1. sir why can't i get reply being your regular and most earlier Listner i am always On in your classes but after you add live session i am not able to see and participate in live classes why sir plz let me know why ?

  2. Exceptional!! I read Hindu daily but always struggled to remember points also bothered much, what to mug-up and skip. Thanks for the noble initiative. Two suggestions- 1. Please ans the comments after the lecture, inform viewers in starting of video that comment will be addressed in later part of video, this will not distract you as well as your viewers. 2. Personally I don't feel Mains editorial discussion should be live. Don't take it wrong but it would be more productive if you take this to Telegram mains discussion group or doubt class in youtube anything. It would be a dedicated platform, you can take nominal fee to filter out between serious n casual in Telegram or Whatsapp group or in sleepy platform whereas this session should be pre-recorded. Now adding dimensions to my view- a. Live sessions are not always enjoyable as there are its own merits and demerits. b. If connection is disturbed then time will be lost, frustration, health issues(throat, eyes, brain). c. competitors will try to demorlize you by fake accounts and its really frustrating, feel like all my labor is in vain and students are not serious. d. serious aspirants see in 2x so, issues like buffering and sound not coming will also disturb them. There is more to say and less to type. These are suggestions to make you more bigger and better. Keep smiling, God bless you my friend!!


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