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Which Medical College Will You Get If your NEET Score is between 96 to 250.

This video is for students who have got low neet score 96 to 250 in NEET Examination. It covers the medical colleges and tuition fees for this score range.

If you belong to Open category reservation, the qualifying marks to study medicine in any college is 119. The magic neet score 96 is applicable for BC/SC/ST students. If you belong to any of this reservation category and your NEET score for 2018 is between 96 and 250, you will not get government quota seat. If you are not going to get government quota seat, what is means is that your tuition fees would be more than Rs 1 lakh/annum. If you cannot afford tuition fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum, then these three options covered in this video may not be relevant to you.

Lets see what are the options available for these students. There are three options available as i mentioned earlier. The first one is getting management quota seat in private deemed universities. The second option is to get management quota seat in private medical colleges. The third option is to get MBBS Seat in foreign medical universities.

Let us discuss the private deemed university option. Counselling for deemed university is conduced centrally by the Medical Counselling committe which conducts all india quota counselling. The tuition fees ranges between Rs 9 lakhs/annum to Rs 25 lakhs/annum. Shri Devaraj Medical College University in Kolar,Karnataka and Shri BM Patil MEdical College University in Karnataka have the lowest tutition fees of close to Rs 9 lakhs/annum. The highest tution fees of Rs 25 lakhs/annum is charged by the famous DY Patil Medical College at Mumbai followed by two chennai medical universities Sri Ramachandra and SRM where tution fees per year is close to Rs 22 lakhs. For low tuition fees deemed universities, your All India Rank should be less than 18000.

You can get medical colleges which have high tuition fees for scores less than 250. There are three rounds of counselling in deemed universities. You may get a chance in the third round which is also called the mopup round with this score.If you have passed the last date to apply for deemed university counselling, then your only option to approach the college. Seats which are not filled in 3rd counselling are handed over to the respective medical college for allotment.

The second option is private medical colleges. The tuition fees for management quota in private colleges ranges between Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs/annum. Kerala has the lowest fees of Rs 5 lakhs/annum but the seats are available only for Kerala students. Unlike deemed universities, the counselling for private colleges are conducted by the state authority.

State government conducts counselling and if they cannot fill these seats, it will be handed over to the college. You have chance to get medical seat at the government prescribed fees if your participate in the state counselling. for example, tamilnadu govt prescribed tuition fees for management quota in private college is Rs 12.5 lakhs/annum. If you miss the state counselling for management seats, then you have to approach the private medical college to get MBBS seats where you have to pay additional donation along with the tuition fees. If you score is within 96 to 250, you have chance to get in the state counselling.

The third option is studying medicine abroad in reputed medical colleges. A good abroad college should be atleast 25+ years old and should have produced atleast few hundreds of Indian doctors. Medical council of India has approved more than 400 colleges from various countries for Indian students to study medicine. The tuition fees for these colleges range between Rs 3 lakhs/annum to Rs 20 lakhs/annum based on the country and college.

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This Video:

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If you need guidance in choosing among these three options, then you can send whatsapp request “COUNSEL” along with your city, state and neet score to 99440 27211.



  1. I am from Sri Devaraj Urs medical college. The tuition fees for our batch is 8.26l per annum for our juniors it is 9l. But this year.. the management is planning to hike up the fee structure. So please research about the fee!

  2. NEET – A policy failure that will destroy the quality of medical education and Social Justice. 

    NEET affects millions of middle, low-income and rural families and students in terms of expensive coaching and tremendous pressure. Unlike any other policy, NEET has a wider ramification among majority of the voters and potentially damaging to the Government. Let me briefly present the case.

     Conceptual confusions:

    There are conceptual problems with the current public policy of NEET;

    a. NEET will destroy the quality of medical education by ignoring the academic scores;

    b. NEET works against the social justice commitment of the PM and the Government, by encouraging expensive coaching for NEET. 

    First, the Year 12 mark is achieved after 12 years of systematic education both under the CBSE or other State syllabuses. Do the academic world and educationalists say that the CBSE and State Schools are incompetent to rank the students merit for medical entrance and the year 12 ranks and marks are useless? Do they also proclaim that NEET score (a three-hours test), tutored mostly by NEET coaching centres, are superior to the comprehensive year 12 exams mark? If that is the case, should we then abolish the grade 12 exams altogether and use an objective type NEET as the best outcome than the school teaching? By ignoring the Year 12 marks, we are casting doubt about the quality of education we provide through CBSC and other State Schools. We also destroy the importance of and motivation for the year 12 studies. Eminent educational institutions and academics across the globe have been considering the year 12 or other academic marks as a primary score for medical school admissions in the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and others.

    What do the educational researches reveal about the impacts of entrance tests?

    Studies conducted in the USA, Australia, Europe and other countries indicated that a higher score in Year 12 or equivalent academic qualifications are strong predictors of academic performance in medical school through graduation. The conclusion is year 12 or equivalent school marks are the best indicator of quality of better medical students than written test like NEET.  Entrance test has negligible impact on improving the quality of medical education. Then why so much waste of time and money by poor parents? Why unnecessary pressure on our students and parents?

    Research evidence strongly support the view that NEET will destroy the quality of our medical education as it is based on NEET scoring only. NEET must be abolished because for no reason it cost more to parents and students and put them to unwanted pressures. NEET also destroys the social justice and works against rural and poor students. I am sure, as the Honourable PM himself is from a poor background, PM will abolish the policy and restore the Government commitment on social justice. 

    The appropriate policy options include:

    a. For the 85% quota to the State Medical Schools, NO NEED FOR NEET and let the States use the Year 12 mark for merit ranking. With computerised ranking the corruption can be eliminated.

    b. For the 15% National quota, a weighted score of Year 12 mark and a common entrance test. This will eliminate multiple entrance tests.

    c. For all private Medical Universities and Colleges, the admission must be strictly based on Merit list prepared by the Government using the Grade 12 marks.

  3. My neighborhood friend got 262 marks, his all India community rank (SC) is 20059..He is from Tamil Nadu..Any possibilities for entering into government colleges..In TN government colleges, there are around 400 seats are available for SC category students..


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