Low NEET Score 96 to 335 : Which Medical College You will Get? - Videos


This video is for students who have got low neet score 96 to 335 in NEET Examination. It covers the medical colleges and tuition fees for this score range.


For this NEET score range, three options are available. The first one is getting management quota seat in private deemed universities. Students from all Over India are eligible to get seat under management/NRI quota in these colleges. The second option is to get management quota seat in private medical colleges. Students who belong to the state where the private college is located are eligible to get management/NRI quota seat in these private medical colleges. The third option is to study MBBS in foreign medical colleges. It is needless to say that Students from all over India are eligible for studying MBBS abroad.

Let us first discuss the private deemed university option. From the 2018 All India counselling Round1 results, neet cutoff for deemed medical universities is 187. The tuition fees ranges between Rs 9 lakhs/annum to Rs 25 lakhs/annum. For low tuition fees deemed universities, your All India Rank should be less than 18000.

The next option is private medical colleges. Many states have nearly 50% seats available under govt quota in private colleges with subsidized tuition fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum to Rs 6 lakhs/annum. Based on the Tamilnadu state rank released for mbbs admission 2018, we found that students who got more than 335 have chance to get seat under this govt quota in private colleges.

The cutoff for management quota and NRI quota in private medical colleges in states like Tamilnadu where there are more than 10 private medical colleges are almost close to the qualifying NEET cutoff. This is because the fees stands at Rs 12.5 lakhs/year in tamilnadu private medical colleges. Apart from the tuition fees, there will be additional 5 lakhs/year for other fees.

tn neet cutoff
tamilnadu neet cutoff
low neet score 96
qualifying neet cutoff 96
neet qualifying cutoff 118
neet score cutoff for deemed university medical college
private medical college cutoff

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A good abroad college should be atleast 25+ years old and should have produced atleast few hundreds of Indian doctors. Medical council of India has approved more than 400 colleges from various countries for Indian students to study medicine. The tuition fees for these colleges range between Rs 4 lakhs/annum to Rs 6 lakhs/annum based on the country and college.

If you need help in choosing reputed abroad medical college, send whatsapp request “MBBSABROAD” along with your city, state and neet score to 7010 253 788 to get free guidance.
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  1. sir, i am from kerala, my neet score is 309,neet rank in OBC category is 71639, kerala rank is 15734 , is there any chance to get a seat in govt: quota. i already applied for all india qouta

  2. My neighborhood fellow, secured 422 rank in his community (SC)..under state quota 367 seats are reserved for SC students ..as per rank list 17 students from SC category may get seat in general category itself..as per my predictions Government college seat is available upto 384 community rank(367+17= 384)..Still he is behind of 37 students (422-384=38)..is there any possibility to get seat in tier 3 goverment college..

  3. Sir my state rank is 2568 oc category.. will I get admission into any self financing colleges under GOVT quota?? Which colleges can I get sir then?? Pls reply sir.. highly confused

  4. Student who is a 100% native of tamilnadu but studied in other state and has a aadhar card with other state address is acceptable , I hold nativity certificate and ration card also. My parents studied in tamilnadu completely and I also have community certificate of my parents is it enough pls reply without fail.


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