LRDI of the Day #36 | CAT 2017 by Learningroots - Videos


The set has been put up here. Refer to it if you haven’t seen it already:

Learningroots is a test prep company run by FMS and JBIMS alumni. The team consists of Shashank Prabhu who is a CAT, CET, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT 100%iler, Sriram Krishnan who is a GMAT 760, and 4-time CAT 99.5+ %iler and Prasad Sawant who is a CAT 99.92%ile and CET 99.99%iler.

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  1. Sir, even if we power through this set, I think it will take us a minimum of 12-14 mins, trying to look for common terms in 7 eqns was a challenging task for me.
    Is there any smartcut for this set? If no, then should we attempt this set in our second cycle, since it is taking up the time required to solve almost two sets.


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