LT Grade English Exam (UPPSC): How to study acc. to the syllabus with reference to Sonnet No. 29 - Videos




In this video I have tried to simplify the method of preparing for LT Grade English Exam while following the syllabus. Here I have explained how learning one thing with reference to the other thing will benefit to a greater extent. I have explained how we can learn two topics simultaneously i.e. if we have to learn Shakespearean sonnet or sonnet by large, it is advisable to learn Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 29.
I have not only explained sonnet, its types and history but also its form through its representative poem. Through this approach one can easily master two things simultaneously.
For reference some of the below mentioned books can be helpful to prepare for the exam.

1. Short History of English Literature by P. K. Nair
2. English Literature by W. J. Long
3. The Oxford Companion to English Literature by Dinah Rich
4. English for UGC-Net by R.S. Malik
5. Objective English Literature (paper 2) Sahitya Publication
6. Amar Ujala UGC NET- English Objective Solved Papers
7. Objective English Literature by Devendra Punse –Rama Brothers Publication
8. Glossary Of Literary Terms by M H Abraham
9. Lucent English Grammar (English Medium)
10. Oxford Dictionary Of Literary Terms

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