Major update CET 2018. OMS seats removed from JBIMS, Sydenham - Videos


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  1. This is which type of admission process……..where Indian student dont get a chance to get admission in a indian college…………plz rise voice to change the admission process and seat catogory…….oh god…………..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭……………….

  2. PUMBA is University Department and in notification it is mentioned that for university departments 15 % seats are All India seats. So PUMBA will have 15 % All India seats, is my interpretation correct ?

  3. haa sahi kia maharashtra ko India se alg kr do.. kunki itte chuttiye log ni chahiye. ab kya mtlb itte percentile ka.. or pehle bolna tha na yr itti mehnat kia paisa khrch kia or ek saal ka drop lia.. bd dua lgegi marenge saale kutte ki maut

  4. Totally ridiculous decision, everone should file case against dte. They are fooling candidates get money displaying Diamond and after taking payment delivering coal; what they think about ? Atleast we don't accept such thing from maharashtra government body. Now about Dte; previous all notifications was at the end signed and authorized by dte concerned authority through which all were fooled, so can't we case against that authenticity of various such authorized signatures?. ?. ?
    Guys don't just be puppets you have to fight for justice as if would had been notified before exam would have welcomed the decision wholeheartedly but now seriously at these point?
    When Government does such thing Really Black Day for Education Body!! There is nothing more left to Demand and Expect from Private body now.

  5. I am a Maharashtra student only, but I think it's unfair, the admissions should be given on the basis of ranks regardless of the borders of nation ! We will loss intelligent minds, if this willl happen .

  6. Ultimately this is going to affect the quality of jbims because they have limited the sources of talent intake. If this remains how it is,then 5 years down the line jbims will not be even listed in top 20

  7. On the DTE website, under Ordinance regarding caste validity, they have given that you can apply through category by submitting caste validity application slip. So is it ok if caste validity certificate is not submitted?

  8. Sir government aided
    Autonomous college is only JBIMS.
    All other colleges like Sydenham, pumba are only government funded but not autonomous.
    As per the previous years college list.


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