Masters in Management QnA Webinar - Videos


We launched for first Q&A webinar and the response has been awesome!

More than 20 questions related to MiM had been answered in detail in this hour long session.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights on some of the questions answered.

Q1. I have done a few internships, but none are with a globally renowned brand like google. With an average CGPA, is getting into Tier-1 B-Schools achievable?

Q2. What are the typical profiles of people who are admitted in HEC in terms of GMAT/GRE, internship(profile & companies), extra-curriculars?

Q3. For a final year undergraduate student in automobile engineering, who wants to change fields and is interested in pursuing finance or business, how should she build her profile and where should she take few pre requisites if needed ?

Q4. How would you choose between RSM and ESSEC/ESCP in respect of local employment after graduation?

Have your own questions that need to be answered?
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