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PICS INSTITUTE provides Class room programme for IIT-JEE | AIPMT | CBSE XI | XII . PICS INSTITUTE provides #Free education for the subject #Chemistry for #NTSE ,#NSTSE,#KVPY, #Science Olympiad and School exams etc. #Students can get exercise based upon this law by subscribing our you tube channel and sending request in comment section.



  1. ty very much sir I dont know what u are earning from this but whatever you are doing for us is really great thanks I feel myself really lucky that I found u on YouTube u are really great sir ! god bless you .sir ek chijj aur bolne hai ki ap kuch topics ke checking method bhi bata do jisee exam mae hm answer check kar pae ki theek h ya galat (example-checking method for row elementary questions) and i m well now just lagging behind some course u told yesterday but i will end it positively by today. ty


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