Maths SSC MTS 2017 || 12 October को ये पूछा गया || Maths Questions Asked in SSC MTS - Videos


in this video we will discuss about ssc mts maths questions 12 October Questions Asked Please Share . SSC MTS maths , SSC MTS GK , 1st shift , 2nd shift , 3rd shift , must watch question part 2 must watch

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  1. 30 आदमियों का एक दल 38 दिन मे काम ख़तम करते हैं 25 दिन बाद 5,आदमी ओर आते हैं काम टाईम से एक दिन पहले kr लिया. यदि 5 आदमी ओर ना आते तो काम कितने टाईम मे पूरा होगा

  2. If 12 persons working 12 hours a day dig 12 meters of a tunnel in 12 days, how many men are
    required to dig additional 04 meters of the tunnel (of the same dimension) given that they work 04
    hours a day for 04 days?


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