Maths Tutorial Number of Unit Digit Part 3 by Rakesh Yadav Sir (ssc, cds & other exams) - Videos


This is the 4th Part of Unit Digit Video by Rakesh Yadav Sir for CAT/SSC/CDS/Any one day exam.

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Video License and Copyright- Rakesh Yadav Readers Publications

Video Made by- Cine Zeus Kef



  1. Respected Sir Rakesh Yadav. I am again so humbled at your service for the video and various knowledge imparted to the developing India. All the people watching your video will agree that a teacher/sir like you should get National award for imparting quality knowledge. We are so saddened that many fraud channels have arised to copy your videos. I am 100% sure that genuine followers will only watch your videos and learn. And for those who report spam on your videos its high time your technical team should report youtube for copying your precious videos. We will support you 200% on this case. we will always be by your side. Thank you sir for confirming to continue the free videos for poor students like us. I request you to kindly keep the pace to upload free videos every friday like you are doing now as per chronological order of syllabus and start from basics as usual. It really brushes our maths for non maths background learners. we know you will agree to what i said. For paid videos, it should be for the SSC tier 2 learners who is in a hurry to learn the difficult and advanced form of questions to tackle. We will agree on you in that case since you will have to assimilate numerous challanges for them. It is okey to make for SSC tier 2 learners as paid videos ! But sir with the progress for basic learners which are free ..will there will be a point when those tier 2 learners paid videos should also be unlocked for less privilaged students ????? we request your kind answer on this query. We also really really appretiate for making test series free for all of us. we really love you Sir Rakesh Yadav. Our Prime minister and president will be proud of having such a teacher.


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