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MBA Prep Talk is a series of interviews with Mentors and Achievers to understand what goes through the minds of those who teach and those who follow these mentors and reach the top of their desired careers. In this session Vivek from TOPMYTEST speaks with Shashank Prabhu from Learning Roots and Patrick Dsouza from Patrick100 about the choices that students have with online and offline CAT coaching and how to go about making their choice.

With the expansion of the Internet footprint and the drastic drop in prices, the online revolution was supposed to impact the education especially the CAT preparation space too. What was not to like about it – the ease of access, the cost, “personal attention”, the peer group, et al. But is it really happening or has it descended into another case where the memes improvise to fill up the available time? Is online education making the impact that it was supposed to make? Should we give up on the offline test preps once and for all? How do we decide which one to choose?

Patrick is a serial 100%tiler and runs Patrick takes up Quant, ogic and Data Interpretation. He has been involved in training students for the last thirteen years. He believes that while solving papers for entrance exams, one needs to innovate and modify one’s strategy to bring out their optimum best. He has attempted the CAT during the last 12 years and his Minimum CAT %ile is 99.7 and has scored the perfect 100%tile four times including the most recently in CAT 2017.

Shashank is an MBBS (Grant Medical College, Mumbai) and an MBA (FMS, Delhi) by qualification. After various stints in the corporate sector with ITC, TAS and, he co-founded his own startup Learningroots ( aimed at helping aspirants crack the various aptitude tests including the CAT, the Maharashtra MBA CET and GMAT. A few of his academic highlights include being a CAT 100%iler, 4-time Maharashtra MBA CET 99.99%iler, 2-time IIFT 100%iler among others. He specializes in Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning and has a keen sense of strategy.

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