Meet the 28 Kashmiri youngsters who cracked the IIT-JEE Mains 2017, thanks to the Indian Army : The People’s Court: India Today - News


In this episode of People’s Court, India Today introduces to you the young men and women in Kashmir who have found their right to be heard in the best way possible. To be specific, the 28 youngsters – including two girls – in the Indian Army’s Kashmir Super 40 initiative who cracked the IIT-JEE Mains exam 2017.


Achieving a record-breaking success rate of 78 per cent was the result of Kashmir Super 40 being at par with the best IIT coaching centers in the country.


Conducted in Srinagar since 2013 by the Army’s training partner – Centre for Social Responsibility & Learning (CSRL) and Petronet LNG – this year’s performance was the best, wherein 28 students, including nine from south Kashmir, ten from north Kashmir, seven from Kargil/Ladakh, and…

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