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MHT-CET 2018 crash course rivision and past year papers
IMP topics of MATH for MHT-CET 2018(HINDI)
MHTCET Mathematics Questions set for practice
MHTCET mathematical logic , derivatives , integration limits questions solving.
after appearing jee mains and advance 2018 this video will give you the confidence

MHT-CET -2018 -New paper pattern
MHT CET 2018 Strategy How to crack Maharashtra CET in 7 days
How to score 180+ in MHT CET
MHT-CET Crash Course prepairation
dte offline exam mh cet
how to prepare for mht cet maths physics chemistry
in this video lecture on mht cet we will discuss tips tricks and strategy for mht cet 2018 with new exam pattern.
mht cet 2018 maths lectures on maths tricks and shortcuts
how to crack mht cet 2018 engineering exam
this video will tell you imp topics to crack exam.
mht cet 2018 preparation syllabouswise lectures maths tricks
mht cet maths lectures for class 11 and 12
this is hope for students who had poor preformance n jee

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1. ► VEDIC Maths Shortcut and TRICKS: ( Secret Maths Tricks )

2.► HOW To Wake Up Early [ Tips and Scientific Methods ]

3.► Permutation And Combination ( Tricks and Concepts )

4. ►►Class 12 Integration Tricks And Formulas (Memorization Trick)

5.► Inverse of A 3×3 Matirx (in 30 SECONDS : Shortcut)

6.► Matrices Multiplication (Easy Method)

7. ►Determinant of a 3X3 in just 5 sec.(Shortcut) Sarrus Rule

8.►► Matrix 3×3 in 30 sec. { Fast trick in English}

9.► ► Usain BOLT Biography in Hindi [Fastest MAN of Earth]

10.► Integration By Parts LIATE : LIATE : UV Rule (JEE Main)

11.► ►Class 12 –Matrices ; Inverse of a 3×3 Matrix

12.► Class 10 [ Quadratic Equation ] – 5 methods for Factorisation

13.► ►Differentiation Formulas [Memorization Trick] in just 2min.

14.► Class 9 NCERT (Math) – Number System – Rationalisation

15.►► Calculus Formulas [Memorization] Tricks in Hindi & English



  1. Sir if possible pls share a PDF in which all the formula are present. So that it will be easy for us to go through it before our exam! Plz sir only if possible! 😞

  2. Ty sir for all this your videos are really very helpful ND in behalf of thanking u I liked all the videos I ever watched hope these would be useful for me for mah exams ND keep doing such good nd hard word for us may god bless u……….

  3. Finding derivative of the options to match the question in case if integration is very time consuming. Not to mention that most of the times you won't be able to simplify the derivative to match the question.


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