Mock Questions For UPSC Prelims 2018 On Art And Culture By Vani Mehra Day 2 - Videos


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Mock Questions for UPSC Prelims 2018 on Art and Culture by Vani Mehra for IAS 2018 aspirants.
This course will help UPSC aspirants for their preparation of UPSC 2018 Prelims examination. Vani Mehra has presented Mock Questions which might be asked in UPSC 2018 prelims. This lesson is related to Mock questions on Art and Culture topic. Do watch this video and don’t forget to support us with your likes and comments

The course is going to deal with a variety of aspects from static General Studies from NCERT’s and various Standard Books to details of various topics with the help of MCQ’s and Discussions. It has many new elements for Prelims and will also help in MAINS Exam in the future. Aspirants will be able to revise a lot of topics through this course.

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