Mock Test for UPSC Civil Services Exam Prelims 2017 – 100 MCQs by Roman Saini [Part – 1/2] - Videos


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Isn’t time one of the most necessary factors while appearing for the UPSC CSE prelims? This course by Roman Saini covers the mock tests which will help in strengthening your basic/ understanding of the subject that you will be appearing for. If everything is already planned, then half the work is already done. Mock tests give an idea of the examination. The more you solve the better are your chances to be prepared for the exam and clear the mains. Mock tests help students by giving an opportunity to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations. Keep a positive attitude while giving the exam. Keep practicing our free mock test courses and you will ace the exam. It allows you to learn from your mistakes. Most of the mistakes can be overcome with the help of Mock tests situation and help in laying out that plan required for the examination. Such mock exams help students in identifying which areas require improvement and also look at multiple ways of solving the same questions using different strategies and power tricks. Here is a course that will test you based on your existing knowledge. Aspirants can post answers in the comment section. The aspirant who answers all of them correctly will be eligible to win a surprise gift. Make use of this free mock test series and spread the word so that it will help others too. Tags: Free Mock test series for UPSC, Mock test series for CSE prelims, Free Mock Test for UPSC online, Online Mock Test for UPSC free, Mock Test for UPSC, Online Mock Test UPSC CSE, Online Test for IAS, Current Affairs Online Questions UPSC, MCQs, Questions from The Hindu for UPSC, Mock Current Affairs Questions, Online Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC, UPSC Current Affairs Quiz, Multiple Choice Questions Current Affairs 2017, MCQs on The Hindu.

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  1. ppl frm south usually dnt speak hindi.
    we give mre importance to mother tongue.i cnt even undrstand a single word of hindi.we r nt telling to provide videos in our mother tongue.we jus want it in dat v cn undrstand n make sense out of it.

  2. @Yoganda I am not showing off.But you should change your mindset first.You can't deny the importance of Hindi at all. And how can you say that only a few people know hindi?

  3. सर कृपया सभी मॉक टेस्टस पीडीएफ फॉर्मेट में बनाने का कष्ट करें, ताकि एग्ज़ाम सेंटर जैसे माहौल में ही टेस्ट हल कर सकें!


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