MORMON … Archaeology? | Sandra Tanner & Vocab Malone [audio] - Videos


According to the Book of Mormon, what artifacts SHOULD archaeologists expect? Examples include: Plates, leftovers from battles that were fought, or evidence of Reformed Egyptian. How do Latter Day Saint apologists explain the lack of archaeological confirmation? Special Guest: Sandra Tanner of UTLM.

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  1. The lack of archeology, DNA confirmation and the original documents, as well as the frequent doctrinal 'REVISIONS' and 'REWRITES' prove that Mormonism is a hoax and a calculated, intentional fraud.

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  3. I love learning about Moronism! They present such a fake side of Mormonism at your doorstep, and then when you go to a church and then later a temple; you'll start to see they're Masonic pharisees.

  4. Morminism- just another group of people who want to set themselves apart as "the most special, elite" of God. "We have the only truth" really gives people lacking in the feeling of BELONGING, a place and relevance.

  5. apparently your videos have been permanently targeted for Muslim dating ads …*groan* Thanks for every video you do, though – they're very informative! I shall now brace myself for incoming youtube ads for ldsdotorg


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