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In this Physics video lecture in Hindi for NEET 2018 we gave solution of previous years’ question paper. The questions belong to the topic motion (one dimensional and two dimensional) of class 11th. The following questions from previous years’ NEET papers are solved in this video lecture.

Question 1. [ NEET 2017 ] Preeti reached the metro station and found that the escalator was not working. She walked up the stationary escalator in time t₁. On other days, if she remains stationary on the moving escalator, then the escalator takes her up in time t₂. The time taken by her to walk up on the moving escalator will be-
Time – 01:01

Question 2. [ CBSE Final Exam 2011 ] A particle covers half of its total distance with speed v₁ and the rest half distance with speed v₂. Its average speed during the complete journey is-
Time – 05:55

Question 3. [ NEET 2013 ] A stone falls freely under gravity. It covers distances h₁, h₂ and h₃ in the first 5 seconds, the next 5 seconds and the next 5 seconds respectively. The relation between h₁, h₂ and h₃ is –
Time – 10:38

Question 4. [ NEET 2017 ] The x and y coordinates of the particle at any time are x = 5t – 2t² and y = 10t respectively, where x and y are in meters and t in seconds. The acceleration of the particle at t = 2s is-
Time – 20:04

Question 5. [ NEET 2016 (PHASE-II) ] Two cars P and Q start from a point at the same time in a straight line and their positions are represented by xP (t) = at + bt² and xQ (t) = ft – t². At what time do the cars have the same velocity?
Time – 25:54

Question 6. [ NEET 2013 ] The velocity of a projectile at the initial point A is (2 î + 3 ĵ) m/s. Its velocity (in m/s) at point B is – (A is the point of projection and B is the point of impact.)
Time – 29:25


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