Motivation | Tips For JEE/NEET Aspirants - Videos


Video at my home (V).
I’ve shared some important tips here for all the aspirants along with the motivation required for the exams. There were some mistakes which I did during my coaching; so, I’ve shared them too so that you can avoid them.
Link for the Notes:



  1. God you woke up at 4 am just to make this video!?? Bless you with all the success and happiness in life! We're very proud of you that at this young age that you are motivating us!

  2. Sir can you please make a video on how to study for jee exams along with school and coaching giving info. about time management and best books. Please sir its a request I'am in class 11 and i live in a area where aren't good coaching and i need someone to guide me!

  3. I am now in class 11 and my favourite subject is Maths….
    I use to love Physics till class 10 but now i am very sad that i lag in it. What should i do to overcome this problem

  4. Please reply sir it is possible to crack IIT in 10month without coaching I have secured 99/100 in Maths sir what's your view I follow unacademy video and your video also please reply sir for me

  5. thanks for your support to us students, thanks for your hardwork even at the phase where you can do anything, thanks for those 2 am and 4 am, thanks for youtube video,thanks for unacademy.
    bhaiya, keep educating us.

  6. The same story is with me I am at 13 position in class 11 out of 48 students …but in 12 I am at 1 position in my class and 3 in school…… Bhaiya now I'm preparing for jee mains and thanks u for all ur efforts for us.. Love u


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