Mousetrap Bait Test With Motion Cameras & Wild Mice/Rats. What Is the Best Mousetrap Bait? - Videos


Mousetrap Bait Test With Motion Cameras & Wild Mice/Rats. What Is the Best Mousetrap Bait?
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  1. I forgot about some grass seed I left in a five gallon pail one winter. Lots of mice in my potting shed in spring. Plus they kept jumping in the pail after it was empty. Made them easy to find for the dog. Left the door open and my Jack Russell cleaned up my problem.

  2. I've used old fashioned oats and also I have no clue but I've heard rodents are attracted to something in soap. I've found chew marks on soap bars before. Love the vids. Whens another primitive vid going up sir?

  3. Very cool test! I have the two best baits that work for me are bacon and peanut butter! Rats just love bacon, I find rats can't resist bacon. Peanut butter works best on mice! When using the bacon I wrap the bacon to the trap trip lever with cotton thread to make them work for it! Its deadly.

  4. For mice I do the same type of set up wrapping the trap trip lever with cotton thread then press and rub peanut butter all in it to make them work for it very deadly try it you won't be disappointed. Thanks again.

  5. coming from a licensed pct, if the rodent is in your house, give them what they've gotten into, they will go to what they're used too. peanut butter is go to though. pre-baiting is what shawn does when he puts traps out without setting them, then putting the trap out and setting it with the same bait. rats are more skittish and more careful then mice, mice are way more curious of traps and food.

  6. My comment is not bait related. Here is a modification improvement tip for today's basic mouse or rat trap. Take a plastic soda bottle CAP. Cut a slit in the flat top side if the cap. Then on the trap trigger bend the little triangle up. ( This is the triangle that normally holds the bait. ) Insert that triangle into the slit you cut in the cap, then bent the triangle down as much as possible to securely hold the cap.
    When using the trap put the bait into the bottom 'cup-like area' of the cap. The mice seem to put their feet on the raised edge/side of the cap as they lean in the eat the bait in the bottom of the cup. This causes the trap to trigger much easier. I'm less likely to find untriggered traps with food gone and more likely to find a dead mouse.

  7. Back when we had a mouse in my fuel station it would only eat Rolo candys. We set up traps with a couple differnt baits but it wouldn't even touch them until we used Rolo's. After setting up the trap with a Rolo it went off like 10 minutes later. Not sure if the barn mice/rats will like Rolo's as much as our mouse did but it mught be worth a shot

  8. Hi there Shawn, please keep up the good work on these videos! And am I hearing sound on your cameras? are you using a game camera, and if so what kind and how long can you set it to record for? please let me know and thanks.


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