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Watch complete Delhi Sultanate – History of India for SSC CGL/UPSC/Railways:
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In this session Bineesh will discuss about the Mughal Dynasty an important topic of history. A must watch session for UPSC and SSC CGL aspirant.

The Mughal Empire or Mogul Empire was an empire in the Indian subcontinent, founded in 1526. It was established and ruled by a Muslim dynasty with Turco Mongol Chagatai roots from Central Asia, but with significant Indian Rajput and Persian ancestry through marriage alliances only the first two Mughal emperors were fully Central Asian, while successive emperors were of predominantly Rajput and Persian ancestry.The dynasty was Indo-Persian in culture, combining Persianate culture. with local Indian cultural influences visible in its traits and customs.

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In this Course, Bineesh Soni will comprehensively cover topics of General Studies. General Studies plays an important role in every one day examination. In most of the SSC exams GS have one fourth of total marks. It makes a huge difference in Merit List. This course is curated for especially the aspirants of SSC CGL exam and the aspirants of any one day examination. The course will be conducted in Hindi and the notes will be provided in English.

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