[Must Watch] All You Need To Know About Doing An MBA Through GMAT - Videos


This video is a sneak peek into one of our GMAT Bangalore classroom session by Arun Jagannathan.

By the end of watching this video, you will:

1.Learn how to choose the right B-school:
We know that with great investment comes great responsibility. Choosing the right B-school could be a daunting task. In this video, we share key guidelines that will help you choose the right MBA college.

2. Know how to make your profile stand out in your MBA application:
Does your application belong to the “over-represented pool” of MBA-hopefuls? In this video, Arun Jagannathan talks about how to think beyond your résumé and impress the MBA admissions committee with a stand-out MBA profile.

3. Learn about new visa policies for various countries
Worried about the potential visa & work permit rules post an International MBA? Find out how the new visa regulations for different countries will affect your post-MBA goals!

4. Get insights on Indian MBA vs International MBA
To do an MBA in India or abroad is a question that troubles most MBA aspirants. While both have their positives, find out which one fits your bill!

5. Know the different career prospects post an MBA
Irrespective of whether you have decided to become a Financial Analyst or a Marketing Consultant post your MBA, it’s always good to know all your options!

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